How to Treat Sprained Ankle Naturally with Home Remedies

sprained ankleA sprained ankle occurs when the ligament connecting the bones in the foot and ankle gets stretched and torn. It occurs mostly as a result of twisting the ankle when the ligament is stretched beyond its range of motion. It may be an inversion injury when the ankle moves outwards and the foot inwards or an eversion injury where the reverse happens. An ankle sprain usually takes around 6 weeks to 4 months to heal completely depending upon the severity of the injury.

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Causes of Sprained Ankle:

Sprained ankle may be caused as a result of injury – when there is a fall that twists the ankle, landing awkwardly after jumping or pivoting and walking or exercising on uneven surfaces. Ankle sprains are also a common sports injury. Overweight people are more prone to sprain the ankle. Any prior ankle injury also makes the person susceptible to sprain the ankle again.

Symptoms of Sprained Ankle:

The common symptoms of a sprained ankle include pain particularly on placing weight on the foot, swelling, bruising and restricted motion. Symptoms of sprained ankle vary according to the extent to which the ligament is damaged. Grade I sprain refers to a slight tear in the ligament with tenderness, swelling and stiffness. Walking is possible with slight pain. In a Grade II sprain there is a bigger tear with pain, swelling and bruising. Walking causes pain. Grade III sprain is a complete tearing of the ligament accompanied by severe pain, swelling and bruising. Walking is impossible.

How to treat Sprained Ankle Naturally:

Sprained ankle can be treated by self-care measures and adoption of practices to prevent it from occurring again. Herbal home remedies are found to be effective in providing relief during this condition.

–          Immediately after an ankle sprain take rest. Avoid activities that result in pain or discomfort. Other muscles can however be exercised to prevent deconditioning.

–          Place an ice pack on the affected area for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this every three hours. This reduces swelling, inflammation and pain. It may also reduce bleeding if there is a tear.

–          Compress the ankle using an elastic bandage to stop swelling. The compress must not be too tight or it will obstruct circulation. If there is an increase in pain or the area becomes numb remove the compress.

–          Place your ankle at a height above the heart. Elevating the ankle reduces swelling by draining excess fluid.

–          Carefully massage the area around the injury to increase circulation.

–          After the swelling has reduced soak your foot in warm water mixed with Epsom salts. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation and relaxes the muscles.

–          To prevent the occurrence of a sprained ankle do warm up exercises before playing.

–          Take care when walking on uneven surfaces.

–          Wear comfortable shoes suited for the activity.

–          Avoid wearing high heels.

–          Maintain a healthy and fit body by muscle and strength training.

–          Practice balance exercises.

Herbal remedies for Sprained Ankle:

  • Arnica is a very effective herbal remedy for sprained ankle.
  • After the injury avoid consuming anything cold as it slows down the blood circulation and prevents healing.
  • Mugwort, Lemon grass oil are also helpful in treating sprained ankle.
  • Turmeric is effective in healing.

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