How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis Naturally with Home Remedies

Plantar FasciitisPlantar Fasciitis is the most common reason for pain in the heel of the foot. Plantar Fascia refersto the ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes. This band of tissue supports the arch of the foot. Any strain on this ligament causes it to get inflamed and weak and this results in heel pain. When getting out of the bed in the morning or getting up after sitting for a long period, this causes a sharp pain which gets better after taking few more steps. However, the pain may return during the course of the day. Plantar fasciitis may occur in one or in both feet and is more common in middle aged people or in people who have to be on their foot for long durations like athletes, people who are obese or those who wear footwear that does provide adequate support for the Plantar fascia.

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Causes of Plantar Fasciitis:

The Plantar fascia supports the arch in the foot and acts as a shock absorber. If there is additional tension on the Plantar fascia it may cause small tears in it and the ligament becomes swollen and irritated and causes pain. Factors that contribute to this condition include biomechanical factors like inward twisting of the foot, high arch, flat heels or Achilles tendons (tight tendons in the heel). Another reason is stress on the foot which increases by being overweight or wearing footwear which does not adequately cushion the arch and support it. Activities or professions which require the person to stand for a long time, prolonged walking and running may also cause Plantar fasciitis. Age is also a cause for this condition.

Symptoms of Plantar fasciitis:

The most classic symptom of plantar fasciitis is stabbing pain in the heel of the foot on taking a few steps after awakening or on standing up after being seated for a long time. Climbing steps or standing for long periods may worsen the pain. Repetitive walking or running aggravates the condition by not allowing the ligament to heal. As Plantar fasciitisprogresses the person may change his style of walking to relieve the pain thereby leading to further discomfort and problems with the foot, leg and hip. Formation of a heel spur may also result due to this problem.

How to treat Plantar fasciitis Naturally:

Adopting certain practices, wearing appropriate footwear and following some home remedies provide pain management and relief from plantar fasciitis and prevent it from worsening.

–          Initially, stop the activity which is causing discomfort and pain.

–          Protect your feet by using shoes which provide firm support for the arch and cushioning for the heel.

–          Use shoe inserts made of plastic, rubber or felt which greatly reduce the stress on the ligament.

–          Stand on a thick rubber mat instead of a hard surface if your profession demands you to be on your foot.

–          Follow a stretching routine for the tendons at the back of the heel to strengthen the plantar fascia and increase its flexibility.

–          Maintain a healthy weight.

–          On getting up from the bed wear supporting shoes, do not walk barefoot.

–          Do not wear worn out shoes, replace your shoes they do not fit correctly.

Home remedies for Plantar fasciitis:

  • Use an ice pack on the heel to reduce swelling and pain.
  • After a few days use a heating pad to reduce the pain.
  • Use contrast baths, alternating between cold and hot to help in reducing the inflammation and pain.
  • After using an ice pack, massage the area which is painful and repeat the ice pack.
  • Place your toes against the wall and keeping the arch and heel flat, stretch your toes for a count of ten. Repeat several times.
  • Place a bottle of frozen water under your arch and roll it.
  • Wear night splints to prevent the tightening of the Achilles tendons and plantar fascia.
  • Consuming a diet rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C,vitamin A, zinc and calcium aids in healing the ligament and reduces the inflammation.
  • Consume fish oil which contains omega-3 fatty acids as this reduces the pain, joint stiffness and inflammation.
  • Bromelain is very effective in providing relief from pain due to plantar fasciitis.
  • Include turmeric in your diet to help in curing this condition.

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