How to Shrink Ovarian Cysts Naturally with Home Remedies

ovarian cystOvarian cysts are sacks of fluid which form in the ovaries. They occur very commonly during the child bearing years. There are different types of cysts which can form. Although most of them are benign, in rare cases they can become cancerous. Large cysts can also cause torsion of the ovaries which can damage the ovarian tissue. Ruptured ovarian cysts are life threatening and some ovarian cysts can lead to infertility. Ovarian cysts can be treated by adopted certain home remedies. There are activated home remedies also which provide quick relief from this condition.

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Ovarian Cysts:

Ovaries are organs located on either side of the uterus which produce estrogen and trigger menstruation. Every month they release an egg which can be fertilized. Whenever the egg is not released or the sack in which the egg forms is not dissolved, ovarian cysts can form. This is known as functional cyst. In polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) the follicles in which the egg is developed fail to open and form cysts. Endometriosis, Cystadenomas and Dermoid cysts are the other types of cysts. Epithelial tumors develop on the surface of the ovaries causing cysts. Tumors can also form in the cells which from the eggs or in the cells producing female hormones.

Initially the cysts may not cause any symptoms. However as they grow larger symptoms nay appear. Abdominal bloating, pain during bowel movements, pain during menstruation, lower back pain, tenderness in breasts, nausea and vomiting are some of the symptoms of ovarian cysts.

Home remedies for Ovarian Cysts:

Ovarian cysts can be controlled and managed by adopting certain precautions and incorporating changes in the diet. Home remedies found to be effective in treating these conditions include –

–          Apply heating pad or place a hot water bottle on the abdomen or pelvic area to get relief from cramps and pain for around 20 minutes.

–          Castor oil packs are very effective for treating this condition. Castor oil can cleanse the body of toxins and by stimulating the circulatory system it can dissolve the cysts. Place a cloth dipped in castor oil on the abdomen for around half an hour and place a heat pack on it.

–          Drink chamomile tea to relax and reduce pain due to ovarian cysts. By increasing circulation this tea can also regulate the periods.

–          Apple cider vinegar mixed in water can be consumed to shrink and dissolve ovarian cysts.

–          Beetroot contains betacyanin which helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. This can help to combat ovarian cysts.

–          Take baths with Epsom salts to relax the muscles and get rid of pain and cramping.

–          Flaxseeds can balance the ratio of estrogen to progesterone in the body can be useful for eliminating ovarian cysts.

–          Almond is rich in magnesium and help to relieve cramps.

–         Consume plenty of water to remove toxins from the body.

Activated Home remedies to Shrink Ovarian Cysts:

The eBook ‘Ovarian Cyst Miracle’ by Carol Foster, a medical researcher and nutritionist, available at offers a holistic home remedy to eliminate all types of cysts within a very short duration. This unique three step method provides a solution to remove cysts and get relief from pain and bloating, reverses the symptoms of PCOS, regulates periods and increases fertility. This treatment method is based on extensive research and also prevents the recurrence of cysts.

Ovarian cysts are a very painful and irksome condition. They completely upset the balance of the body and cause irregular periods, bloating, weight gain and pain. If left untreated they can decrease fertility and leading to severe consequences. Hence, try this holistic home remedy to shrink the cysts and regain your regular body rhythm and lead an active life free from pain.