How to Reverse Gray Hair Naturally with Home Remedies

Gray HairGray Hair emerges mainly due to aging; however of late even young people below thirty are experiencing this condition. Hair is naturally colored by melanin which is a pigment produced by the body. Through the years melanin is injected into the hair giving it the color. When the production of this pigment stops the hair turns gray and then white. Each hair follicle has a melanogentic clock which stops the production of melanin thereby leading to loss of hair color. Hair follicles produce hydrogen peroxide in small quantities which are gradually deposited in the hair shafts leading to a loss of color. Premature graying can be prevented and treated with home remedies. There are certain activated home remedies also which alter premature graying within a shorter period of time.

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Gray Hair:

A hair grows form a hair follicle and lasts for around 3 years and is then shed to grow a new one. Every time hair re-grows the pigment forming cells are also to be formed. When these cells do not develop the hair does not get its natural color and is gray. The pigmentation of the hair can be altered by intrinsic factors like genetic defects, hormonal changes, body distribution and age. The extrinsic factors which affect graying are climate, environmental toxins, pollutants and exposure to chemicals. Stress, deficiency of vitamin B-12, hypothyroidism, albinism, Vitiligo, smoking, tuberous sclerosis, malnutrition and anemia can also trigger this condition. It is estimated that around 50% of the population have gray hair by the time they are fifty as hair changes its texture with age and melanin production is on the decrease. During illnesses and due to stress a lot of hair can be lost and graying occurs. Lifestyles like smoking are also factors which lead to gray hair.

Home remedies for Gray Hair:

Graying of Hair can be addressed by adopting certain precautions and incorporating changes in the diet. Home remedies are also found to be effective in treating this condition.

–          Amla is a very good remedy for gray hair. Amla can be added to coconut oil and applied on the scalp to treat gray hair.

–          Grated ginger mixed with honey can be consumed to prevent gray hair.

–          Massage scalp with coconut oil to prevent growth of gray hair.

–          Massaging scalp with ghee also addresses this problem.

–          Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and apply to hair to prevent graying.

–          A mixture of henna, fenugreek, coffee and yogurt can be applied to the scalp to treat premature graying.

–          Ribbed gourd can be boiled in coconut oil and applied on the hair to treat graying.

–          A cup of black tea can be massaged on the scalp and washed away to prevent gray hair.

–          Chamomile can be boiled in water and applied on the scalp to treat gray hair.

–          Almond oil, lemon juice and amla juice can be applied to the hair to address this problem.

–          Guava leaves are a good remedy for gray hair.

–          Juice of amarnath leaves can be applied on the hair to maintain its color.

–          Aloe vera gel is also a useful remedy for gray hair.

–          Ashwagandha can be applied to the scalp to increase the melanin content.

–          Consume foods rich in biotin like eggs, soya beans, milk, carrot and almonds.

–          Bhringraj oil can be used to get shiny and lustrous hair.

–          Brahmi hair oil is also a remedy for gray hair.

Activated Home remedy for Gray Hair:

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Gary hair is a nightmare as it makes the person look older than they actually are. The appearance of gray strands is very stressful and using hair dye and other products to reverse gray hair can cause a lot of hair fall worsening this condition. Hence, try this effective home remedy, reverse premature graying, get back your crowning glory and have a stress free life.