How to Improve Hearing Loss Naturally

Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Improve HearingHearing or auditory perception is the perceive sound by detecting vibrations, changes in the pressure of the surrounding medium through time, through the ear. Hearing ability is one of the important five senses. Hearing loss can be explained as partial or total inability to hear. It may be congenital or due to advanced age. Certain medications like some antibiotics, aspirin, chemotherapy drugs, loop diuretics and drug used to treat malaria can impair hearing ability. Sudden hearing loss may occur due to an exposure to excessively loud sound. Certain illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes may interfere with blood supply of the ear and cause hearing loss. Trauma that involves skull fracture or punctured eardrum may increase the risk of hearing loss. Buildup of wax, foreign object stuck in the ear canal, hole in the eardrum or scar on the eardrum from repeat infections can also lead to hearing loss.

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Improve Your Hearing Naturally

Hearing disability can certainly be a big problem and may affect daily routine. Therefore, as soon as you experience the symptoms of hearing loss, you should immediately opt for proper treatment. First of all, you need to understand the root cause of hearing loss and get the treatment accordingly.

–          Check for the build-up of war wax. In some cases, accumulation of excess ear wax in the ear canal can be the cause of hearing loss. If you notice impacted wax and if the blockage is not severe, then you may try to wash it out yourself. You can put a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide into the ear using an eyedropper. This can help to soften the ear wax. After one or two days, gently put warm water into the ear using a rubber-bulb syringe. Tilt your head to the other side to drain out the water. But, if the blockage is severe, you better get it removed by the doctor.

–          If you have extreme pain in the ear, get it confirmed from the doctor that there is no ear infection or ruptured ear drum. If these conditions are neglected and left untreated, then it can lead to permanent damage in the inner ear.

You can follow some precautionary measures to prevent hearing loss and improve your hearing naturally.

–          Avoid accumulation of earwax in the ear. Get the ears cleaned regularly. You may try applying a ginger compress over the ears and kidney area to break up the accumulation of fat and mucous.

–          Avoid continuous exposure to loud music and noises. It is one of the primary causes of acquired hearing loss. Always use earplugs or other ear protection, when you are going to be subjected to the loud noises.

–          You need to make certain dietary changes to reverse hearing loss and improve hearing ability. Eliminate the foods like fatty meats and dairy products, ice cream and foods high in sugar. Avoid caffeine, as it may hamper blood flow to the ears. Also eliminate excess salt in diet, as it may cause swelling and interfere with ear functioning.

–          Include more of whole grains and legumes, which are great sources of vitamins B complex. Vitamin B is found to protect neurons and blood vessels connected to the cochlea, small bones present in the inner ear.

–          Include more of green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, kale and collards as well as dark yellow vegetables like pumpkin and butternut squashes, onion and garlic in your diet.

–          Have a glass of skim milk every morning. Calcium and vitamin D in milk help to keep the bone, especially the cochlea, healthy.

–          Natural oils like ginger, marjoram, rosemary and black pepper are known to benefit blood circulation in the ears and improve hearing ability as well.

–          Quit smoking and also avoid exposure to cigarette smoke, as it can increase the risk of age-related hearing loss.

With good ear care and adequate nutrition, it is always possible to prevent hearing loss and improve your hearing naturally.

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