How to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain without Surgery

Shoulder painShoulder pain may result due to any injury or disease in the joint of the shoulder. The shoulder joint is mobile joint which is excessively used and hence there is an increased risk of injury. This joint is a ball and socket joint where the upper arm bone fits into the shoulder blade. The ligaments, cartilage, menisci, tendons and bones of the shoulder joint may be affected due to injury and this may cause inflammation leading to shoulder pain. Due to diseases like arthritis of the shoulder joint bones shoulder pain can occur. Shoulder pain is very common and affects most adults at some time in the course of their lifetime. It can be treated using self-care and home remedies; but, activated home remedies are available and these can provide faster relief.

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Shoulder Pain:

Shoulder pain can result due to a variety of conditions. Strain or exertion of the joint, tendonitis which results from continuous usage, instability of the joint, joint dislocation, fracture of the shoulder bones, frozen shoulder or any pinching of the nerves are other reasons. Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Spondylitis, whip lash injury, slipped disc, rheumatoid arthritis, septic arthritis, thoracic outlet syndrome, tendon rupture and torn cartilage and gout may also cause shoulder pains.

Depending on the cause, the pain in the shoulder can be sharp and sudden or dull and cramping. There may be stiffness in the shoulder which might hinder free movement of the joint. Shoulder weakness or numbness may result if the nerves are affected. Discoloration may indicate an injury. Swelling may also be present.

Home remedies for Shoulder Pain:

Home remedies along with self care measures are found to be very helpful for managing and treating shoulder pain.

–          Rest your shoulder and avoid movements which increase the pain.

–          Ice packs can be applied on the shoulder for around 15 minutes a number of times in a day, to reduce inflammation and combat the pain.

–          Hot compresses can be applied to help the pain relief.

–          Keep the shoulder elevated by resting on some pillows to reduce swelling.

–          Certain exercise can be performed to provide pain relief.

–          Consume green vegetables and foods rich in protein in order to strengthen the shoulder muscles.

–          Include omega-3 fatty oils in the diet. Salmon, tuna, nuts and seeds are a rich source of these oils which are beneficial in treating this condition.

–          Devil’s claw can be consumed to treat joint pains.

–          Include peppers in the diet as capsaicin helps in providing pain relief.

–          Take regular breaks from work to relieve the shoulder muscles.

–          Shoulder massages using the correct techniques are also useful in treating this condition.

Activated Home remedy for Shoulder Pain:       

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The shoulder is an important joint which has to be used daily for a number of activities. Any pain or immobility of the shoulder can be an enormous disability which restricts free movement and work. Pain killer medications or surgery are risky and have side effects. Hence, get rid of your shoulder pain by following these simple techniques and get back your shoulder movements, be free from pain and lead an active and healthy life.