How to Get Rid of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Naturally with Home Remedies

pcosPolycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder occurring in women who are in the reproductive age. This causes collection of fluid in the ovaries called follicles and enlarges the ovaries. Irregular or prolonged menstrual periods, facial hair growth, acne and obesity are associated with PCOS. PCOS increases the risk of type-2 diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, liver inflammation, infertility, sleep apnea, depression, anxiety, abnormal uterine bleeding and endometrial cancer. PCOS can be treated using home remedies and lifestyle changes; however, there are activated home remedies which can provide faster treatment.

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Excessive insulin secreted by the pancreas may increase the production of androgen hormone and this may affect the function of the ovaries and ovulation. Due to low grade inflammation in the body the ovaries may be stimulated to produce androgens. Heredity is also a factor and PCOS might be an inherited condition. PCOS can start as soon the first periods begin or it might develop in later years. Irregular periods are the most important symptom of PCOS. Absence of menstruation for months together and prolonged scanty or heavy periods may be present. Due to excess androgen which is the male hormone growth of hair on the face and body may result. Acne and male-baldness pattern may occur. The ovaries become large and contain numerous fluid filled sacs.

Home remedies for PCOS:

PCOS can be treated by adopting changes in life style and using home remedies.

–          Maintain a healthy weight. Weight loss aids in reduction of insulin and androgen levels and restores the ovulation cycle.

–          Eat complex carbohydrates which are rich in fiber so that the blood sugar levels do not rise. Whole grains, cereals are rich fiber carbohydrates. Avoid soda, pastries and ice cream.

–          Perform a regular exercise program to keep weight under control.

–          Cinnamon aids in insulin resistance for women with PCOS. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to hot water and drink daily or add the spice to your diet.

–          Flaxseed reduces androgen levels and can be used as a remedy for PCOS.

–          Spearmint tea has anti-androgenic properties and helps in reducing excess facial hair.

–          Apple cider vinegar can help in PCOs treatment as it keeps the blood sugar under control.

–          Fenugreek helps in glucose metabolism, lowers cholesterol and aids weight loss. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight in water and consume in the morning on an empty stomach along with homey.

–          Saw palmetto is anti-androgenic and prevents hirsutism in women with PCOS.

–          Fish oils with omega-3 fatty acids reduce the symptoms of PCOS by balancing the androgen levels. Include fatty fish in the diet.

–          Licorice root can reduce the levels of serum testosterone in women with PCOS and promotes ovulation.

–          Tulsi is a remedy for PCOS as it controls insulin levels and aids in weight loss. Consume tulsi leaves or drink basil tea daily.

Activated Home remedy for PCOS:    

PCOS  Unlocked’ is a natural home remedy developed by Stefani Rupert, a renowned PCOS expert which is a safe, inexpensive method to reverse PCOS. This treatment method can be downloaded from the website . This e-book contains detailed information on PCOS and its symptoms along with the foods to be eaten along with certain herbs and the foods to be avoided. This program improves overall health also along with weight loss benefits.

PCOS is a very disturbing condition for women as it throws the inner cycle out of balance. Acne, weight loss and excess hair on the face are the added problems which have to be dealt with. PCOS may also affect fertility and make conception difficult. Hence, try this home remedy program which eliminates all the symptoms of PCOS, restores the ovulation cycle, reduces acne and promotes overall health and well being.