How to Get Rid of Oily Skin Naturally with Home Remedies

Oily SkinThe skin is the largest organ in the integumentary system of human beings. It is an outer covering and the ectodermal tissue covers the muscles, bones and internal organs and protects them. It also guards the body against pathogens, regulates the body temperature and is an insulator. There are different types of skin – dry, normal and oily. Due to over secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands the skin becomes oily. The surface of the skin becomes shinny and acne, pimples may develop. Further oily skin is prone to clogged pores, black heads and accumulation of dead cells which is not very appealing. Oily skin can be treated with home remedies. There are certain activated home remedies also which provide quick relief from this condition.

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Oily skin:

Genetics play a role as a cause of oily skin. If it runs in the family it is likely to be inherited. Over cleansing and over exfoliation using unsuitable skin care products may contribute to oily skin. Changes in seasons may lead to excess production of sebum forming oily skin. Birth control pills or medications affecting hormones may increase the production of sebum. Use of inappropriate skin care products which can strip the skin of oil will trigger even more oil to be produced causing oily skin. Pregnancy and menopause may trigger hormonal changes which can lead to oily skin. Due to stress also the glands can increase the oil production. Tanning can also trigger the glands to produce more sebum leading to oily skin.

Home remedies for Oily Skin:

Oily skin can be controlled and managed by adopting certain precautions and home remedies found to be effective in treating this condition

–          Wash the face twice a day with glycerin soap and keep it clean to avoid oiliness.

–          Apply aloe vera gel to absorb the excess oil and to clear pores. Do this after washing the face.

–          Wipe the shiny parts of the face with an astringent solution to remove excess oil.

–          Use moisturizers meant for oily skin.

–          Make a mask with apple, cooked oatmeal and egg whites with lemon juice. Apply to face for 15 minutes and rinse off.

–          Cornstarch can be used to remove oily patches. Make a paste with water and apply on the affected area.

–          Add little baking soda to the liquid soap and gently wash the face to remove oil.

–          Make a gentle scrub using almond and honey. Then slowly massage on the face to remove dead cells.

–          Clay masks with fuller’s earth are an effective remedy for oily skin.

–          Avoid touching the face with the hands as this delivers excess oil and dirt to the face.

–          An egg yolk mask can dry out the skin. Apply this mask to the oily areas and rinse off.

–          Citrus fruits can be used to refresh the skin and remove oiliness. Apply lemon juice mixed with water on the skin.

Activated Home remedies for Oily skin:

The eBook ‘Oily Skin Solution’ by Patricia Everson available at provides a comprehensive and an all natural treatment plan for eliminating oily skin. This is a home remedy based on extensive research and experimentation and focuses on the root cause of the problem. It outlines the steps to be undertaken to remove excess oiliness in the skin and grease in the hair. It contains highly effective techniques which can provide a bright, healthy and less oily skin.

Oily skin is very annoying as it leaves shine and grease on the face which has to be wiped off very often. It often leads to skin problems and breakouts which make the skin appear even worse. Expensive skin care products may damage the skin further if they are not suitable. Hence, try this all natural solution to control oiliness and get a fresh looking healthy skin with less oil within a very short time.