How to Get Rid of Candida Yeast Infection Naturally

Candida Yeast InfectionCandidiasis is a skin infection caused by yeast. This organism may be present on our skin, mouth, gut or vagina and at times may multiply leading to pain and inflammation. In rare cases it may enter the bloodstream and infect the internal organs also. It causes diaper rash in children. Vaginal yeast infections occur commonly in women and it can affect the genital of men also. Oral Candidiasis also known as thrush affects infants, elders or those with a weakened immune system. Candidiasis can be treated using with home remedies. There are certain activated home remedies also which provide quick relief from Candidiasis.

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Candida Yeast Infection:

The candida yeast is already present in the body and can increase due to a number of factors. Consumption of too many antibiotics kills the good bacteria which fight against the yeast and this leads to uncontrolled multiplication of the yeast causing infection. Medications like steroids and cancer medications may weaken the immune system and this causes the yeast to multiply. Oral thrush is found in cancer and AIDS patients. Birth control increases the risk of vaginal candida. Heat and sweat also increase the risk of these infections. Obesity and pregnancy are the other risk factors.

The symptoms of a candida infection include red colored patches on the skin, itching and leakage of fluid. Scabs and pustules may also develop. They are commonly found in between the folds of the skin. In vaginal candida a leakage of thick white substance may occur with itching or burning. In Oral thrush white patches are formed in the mouth, tongue and around the lips. Cracking around the edges of the mouth may also occur.

Home remedies for Candida Yeast Infection:

Candida yeast infection can be controlled and treated by adopting certain precautions and by using home remedies.

–          Dry yourself thoroughly after taking a shower to remove the moisture and prevent yeast infection.

–          Take baths and not showers as baths can help clean the vaginal area better.

–          Do not use harsh soaps to clean the vaginal area as these kill the good bacteria which fight against the yeast.

–          Wear loose cotton underwear and avoid tight fits as these increase the sweat and moisture causing infection.

–          Eating yogurt helps to fight against yeast infection.

–          Reduce the intake of sugar and alcohol.

–          Applying tea tree oil on the affected area can be helpful.

–          Use a mild vaginal douche with vinegar to fight against yeast infection.

–          Use boric acid capsules as suppositories in the vagina as they destroy the yeast.

–          Cranberry juice can also be applied on the infection as a remedy.

–          Include garlic in the diet as this helps in destroying the yeast infection.

–          Brush your teeth after a meal with baking soda and water to fight against thrush.

–          Gargling with basil teas can also help in curing thrush.

Activated Home remedy for Candida Yeast Infection:

The eBook ‘Yeast infection no more’ by Linda Allen, a nutritionist and researcher available at provides a holistic treatment for Candida yeast infection. This home remedy stops the yeast overgrowth and provides relief from the symptoms within a very short time and eliminates the root cause within a few weeks so that the infection does not recur. The itching, rash and discharge stops very quickly and the infection is completely cured subsequently.

Candida yeast infection is very annoying condition in which the constant itching and rash is a very painful and embarrassing. Further the fatigue, mood swings and allergies accompanying this infection are also very troublesome. Therefore try this proven program and eliminate yeast infection forever safely.