How to Eliminate Shin Splints Naturally with Home Remedies

Shin Splints

Shin SplintsShin splints can be explained as a type of overuse injuries to the front of the outer leg. The injury may be caused due to the inflammation from the injury of soft tissues in the front side of the outer leg. The problem is more commonly seen in the runners or aggressive walkers. The sufferer usually experiences pain on the outer edge of the mid region of the leg to shinbone or tibia. A careful examination is required for the correct diagnosis. The ‘relative rest’ approach can help relieve pain and restore a comfortable level of activity. It requires change in the workout, application of ice pack, enough of rest, stretching exercises, possible changes in footwear and gradual increase in running activity. The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications.

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Causes of Shin Splints

Shin splints may result from overuse with excessive activities or changes in training. High impact activities and repetitive exercise of lower legs may cause shin splints. Some of the common activities that may lead to shin splints include running, especially on hills, increasing the training period, increasing the timing of training as well as exercises having frequent starts and stops like basketball, dancing or military training.

People with flat feet or a very rigid foot arches and people who work out on the hard surfaces like running on the street or playing basketball or tennis on the hard court are at the greater risk of shin splints. Those who wear worn out shoes or those who don’t wear proper-sized shoes are also more prone to develop shin splints.

Symptoms of Shin Splints

Shin splints usually cause pain in both legs. There may be dull or sharp pain in the front side of the shin. The pain may get worse during and after exercise and it may get better after rest. The pain is usually located in the front side of the outer leg below the knee. With continuing trauma, the pain may become extremely severe that may make the athlete to stop workouts totally.

Natural Remedies for Shin Splints

First of all, you need to stop all the activities that are responsible for shin splints at least for two weeks. Within this period of time, the pain will be reduced and you will be able to resume the normal activities. While taking the rest, you may continue with the low impact activities like swimming, cycling or cross-training. Pool running is a good option to maintain cardiovascular fitness. You may apply ice packs to the affected shin for about 15-20 minutes for 4-5 times a day. It can be repeated for several days. You may take over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol in order to reduce inflammation and pain. Stretching the calf muscles and the front side of the leg can also be helpful. Keep in mind that shin splints may take 3-6 months to cure. When the pain is relieved, you may gradually start the activities. But don’t immediately get back to sport activities or exercising, as it may cause injury again.

Preventive Measures

You may follow some preventive measures in order to avoid shin splints in future. You should wear running shoes that can give a perfect level of cushioning and support. Avoid training on the hard surfaces as far as possible. If you are having flat feet, you may use orthotics. You must regain the activity level gradually. Avoid running or brisk walking immediately after recovery. Make the habit of stretching the shins and calves before starting workout. Along with this, nutritional supplements like calcium and vitamin D are also helpful to strengthen the bone and prevent strain on the muscles. Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient needed for building and maintaining the strength of bones and muscles. It also helps to absorb calcium and eases muscle movement and nerve activity. Calcium is also important for the healthy bones and muscles.

Activated Home Remedies

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