How to Cure PMDD Naturally with Home Remedies

PMDDPremenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) is a severe and disabling disorder which can affect women around the menstrual cycle. Symptoms may start about a week prior to menstruation and continue during the period after which it subsides. It encompasses a wide range of physical and emotional symptoms including depression, irritability and mood swings. It is found to affect around 8% of women. PMDD can be treated with home remedies and lifestyle changes. There are certain activated home remedies also which provide quick relief from this condition.

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The exact cause for PMDD is not been ascertained. However, it is believed that the interaction between hormones produced by the ovaries during this period of the menstrual cycle with the neuro transmitters of the brain leads to this condition. PMDD is not due to any specific personality traits. The symptoms of PMDD include anxiety, severe depression, Seasonal affective disorder, a feeling of hopelessness, food cravings and binging, Panic attacks, irritability, problems sleeping, trouble concentrating, fatigue, bloating, breast tenderness, muscle ache and joint pain. Alcohol abuse, obesity, consumption of caffeine and lack of exercise are also contributing factors for this condition.

Home remedies for PMDD:

PMDD can be controlled and managed by adopting certain lifestyle modifications and incorporating changes in the diet. Home remedies found to be effective in treating this condition.

–          Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes a day.

–          Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine and eating sugar.

–          Practice meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques to relax.

–          Eat smaller meals more frequently to reduce bloating and a sensation of fullness.

–          Limit intake of salt to reduce fluid retention.

–          Consume whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

–          Include non-dairy foods which are rich in calcium.

–          Magnesium helps to remove fluid retention, bloating and breast tenderness. Hence include magnesium rich foods in the diet.

–          Vitamin B-6 reduces the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

–          Vitamin-E is also a remedy for this condition.

–          Eat pumpkin seeds before the start of the periods to avoid cramps.

–          Boil ginger in hot water and drink it for relief from cramps.

–          Dill pickle juice also provides relief from cramps.

–          Oregano tea also provides relief from PMDD symptoms.

–          Cramp bark is an excellent remedy for menstrual pain as it relaxes the muscles.

–          Chasteberry juice, evening primrose oil, St.John’s wart and soy are also remedies for PMDD.

–          Colloidal gold is very effective as a mood enhancer.

–          Avocado contains serotonin which is a natural mood lifter and can be consumed. Dates, plums and papaya can also be consumed.

–          Banana is rich in potassium and provides relief from bloating and swelling.

–          Cherries are very helpful in treating bloating and mood swings and can be eaten prior to menstruation.

–          Add black pepper to aloe vera gel and consume to get relief from backache and abdominal pain.

Activated Home remedy for PMDD:

The eBook ‘PMDD Treatment Miracle’ by Jane Pritchard available at offers a complete treatment system for relief from PMDD. This is a home remedy based on extensive research and provides an all natural remedy to get rid of the pain and bloating due to PMDD within a few hours. It also balances moods and irritability and reduces anxiety and depression during the periods. Within a few months it eliminates all the symptoms of PMDD.

PMDD is a very debilitating condition as it throws life out of gear every menstrual cycle. The Pain, moods swings and anxiety limit the activities of the individual and affect relationships. Therefore, this natural treatment system and be free from all the symptoms of PMDD and lead a balanced and stress free life.