How to Cure Bad Breath Naturally Forever with Home Remedies

Bad BreathBad breath referred to medically as halitosis is characterized by a very unpleasant odor emanating from the mouth. It can be occasional or chronic. Bad breath is mainly caused due to lack of adequate dental hygiene. However, it can indicate other health problems also. Food habits and unhealthy lifestyle practices can worsen this condition. If the teeth are not brushed and flossed properly, food articles can remain in the mouth and lead to the formation of bacteria in between the teeth on the gums and tongue causing bad breath. Bad breath can be eliminated by following dental hygiene and using home remedies; however, there are activated home remedies which can provide faster relief.

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Bad breath:

Food is the main cause for bad breath. Garlic, onions, some spices, cheese and fish can make the mouth smelly. Food particles can get stuck in between teeth and if they are not removed by brushing promote bacterial growth giving rise to odor. Poor dental care can also lead to build up of plaque which is odor producing. Sinus infections, sore throat, thrush, post nasal drip, diabetes, acid reflux and other conditions may also cause bad breath. Dry mouth is also a factor which causes bad breath. Saliva cleans the mouth and when this is not produced bad breath can occur. Cavities, gum diseases and dentures which lead to sores or infections in the mouth can also cause bad breath. Smoking and chewing tobacco leaves chemical residue in the mouth and may cause this condition. Some medications can also lead to bad breath.

Bad breath may be noticed by others and pointed out to the person by others and it generally involves a bad smell coming from the mouth. Other symptoms are sour taste in the mouth, dry mouth and coating on the tongue.

Home remedies for Bad breath:

Home remedies are found to be very useful for treating bad breath and eliminating it.

–          Brush and floss teeth regularly and clean the tongue also.

–          Avoid chewing tobacco and smoking.

–          Drink plenty of water to keep the mouth hydrated.

–          Chewing on fennel seeds can eliminate bad breath as it contains antimicrobial properties.

–          Cinnamon contains an essential oil which combats bad breath and reduces bacterial build up. Hence a cinnamon mouth rinse can be used.

–          Fenugreek tea can consumed as this is very effective for treating bad breath.

–          Cloves have antiseptic properties and are a remedy for bad breath. Drink a tea made with cloves or chew them directly.

–          Parsley can be juiced or added to salads and eaten as it contains chlorophyll which controls bad breath.

–          Lemon rinses can be used as a remedy as the acidity of the lemon can kill the bacteria in the mouth.

–          Apple cider vinegar can be included in the diet as it reduces mouth odor.

–          Brushing the teeth with baking soda is also a remedy/

–          Tea tree oil can be sued as a disinfectant for the mouth.

–          Tea contains poly phenols which combat bad breath.

Activated Home remedy for Bad breath:   

The Bad Breath Report’ by Tomas is a natural home remedy for eliminating bad breath in a very short period of time. This report suggests an easily available ingredient which can be used at home to provide relief from bad breath, whitens the teeth naturally and strengthens gums. This simple treatment method can be downloaded from the website

Bad breath is a source of great discomfort for the sufferer and a cause of major embarrassment. In addition to being unpleasant to the person himself it is a put off for close contact with others. Therefore, try this proven and simple technique and get rid of bad breath and get complete dental health without using harsh and harmful mouth washes and rinses.