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 Tennis Elbow Home Cure

Tennis ElbowActively participating in sports, just for recreation or as a profession have many health benefits. It also comes with many disadvantages like……injuries and trauma occurring during such activities. One such problem faced by many players who actively engage in racquet sports is this medical condition known as tennis elbow.

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Tennis Elbow

It is called such because, the frequent swinging action of the hand done during the game, triggers this painful elbow problem. But then, not just this sport, any kind of a job that involves repeated hand movements, like for example, carpentry work, plumbing, brick laying, gardening, sewing, etc., can cause a tennis elbow condition. This problem arises when the tendons and muscles involved in wrist movements become inflamed and traumatized due to overuse. The discomfort or pain is felt in the outer bony prominence of the elbow joint, when the tendons attach to the bone…thus the name tennis elbow.

The problem may start off as just a dull ache, which we generally tend to neglect and continue to use the affected hand in performing daily activities. The repeated hand motions done only escalates the problem, causing tiny tears to appear in the musculature involved in such actions, giving rise to severe pain sensations and a lot of discomfort every time an attempt is made to use the hand.

A severe tennis elbow condition will need more serious medical attention, at times needing surgery as well. However, with a confirmed diagnosis obtained of the condition during its initial stages, proper care can be taken of the affected hand using simple home care measures. This will arrest its further development and aid in rapid healing as well.

Tennis Elbow Home Cures

Give the affected arm sufficient amount of rest. This will mean that no heavy lifting or gripping heavy objects will be done using this hand. Even use of the hand for performing daily activities will be done so in a limited manner. If required, take off from work. Then, move to using a hand support to carry on with the routine job functions, which will reduce motion in the arm and give it more time to heal properly on its own.

Apply an ice pack alternated with a warm pack over the forearm area to improve blood circulation, so as to improve the healing process.

After a couple of days rest, gradually begin to use the affected hand to perform routine jobs; but stick to light-weight activities even at this stage, even if pain is not experienced.

Once great improvement is noted, perform hand stretching exercises before any heavy duty work is planned to be done using the healed hand. This will prevent any recurrences of the tennis elbow injury.

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