Home Remedies to Treat & Get Rid of Carpal Tunnel Naturally

Carpal Tunnel Home Treatment

Carpal TunnelWith pain in the wrist experienced, performing day-to-day activities becomes difficult. There could be various reasons for wrist pain to occur, but a very common problem resulting in this is the carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Carpal Tunnel

There is a narrow but natural conduit passing through the wrist joint, which is fashioned by various ligaments and carpal bones, into the hand. Through this passageway also passes a nerve. When the nerve becomes compressed due to swelling of any of the musculature present around it, or due to a decrease in size of the tunnel itself – pain, weakness, and discomfort is caused – which is referred to in medical terms as carpal tunnel syndrome.

At first, a dull ache or a tingling sensation may only be observed with hand and finger movements. Gradually it may escalate to a severe achiness, weakness or loss of any sensation in the affected hand. It is also possible for these symptoms to travel up the arm to the shoulder, especially when the problem becomes really severe. Eventually, the entire hand will be unable to function as it should.

This is a problem that has become increasingly popular in the recent times, probably because more and more people are occupied in jobs that require repeated use of the hands.

It is best to take action as soon as the dull achiness is observed, which will only seem to be increasing in severity as the days go by. At this stage, there are several steps that could be taken at home itself.

Home Treatment Methods for Carpal Tunnel

Avoid performing strenuous activities using the affected hand, as well as refrain repetitive hand motions for the first couple of days. One could use a wrist support to go about doing routine activities, if it is not possible to avoid performing them.

Cool the wrist joint by keeping the hand immersed in a bowl of ice cold water for some time. Repeat this every two hours for the first day, especially if any inflammation or swelling of the wrist is noted. The coldness will numb the area, providing pain relief for a brief period.

For the healing process to commence, begin applying a hot pack against the wrist joint. This will improve circulation of blood, which is essential for proper healing to take place.

Natural oils like camphor, eucalyptus, winter green, organic ginger, lavender, etc., come with properties capable of relieving muscle and joint pain. Use such oils to massage the painful wrist area on a frequent basis to improve normal hand functions.

Better Self-Help Techniques for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Prevent getting to a point of needing surgery to be able to resume functions in the hand affected by carpal tunnel. There are several natural self-help methods developed by trained personnel, that will provide quick and permanent relief from problems like carpal tunnel. A specific program created to eliminate carpal tunnel syndrome has been produced by Hilma Volk. The program discloses simple and useful techniques that make it possible for carpal tunnel sufferers to get back normal and painless hand functions in less time.

The program is titled Carpal Tunnel Master and Beyond, which has video presentations within for a better and clearer understanding of the techniques to be followed. The disclosed techniques will make preparations for not only complete riddance from carpal tunnel, but also from other problems that could be affecting the hand and finger joints.

This system seems to be a true healer; a must buy for carpal tunnel sufferers.