Home Remedies to Stop Flatulence Naturally

 Flatulence/Gas Cure Home Treatment

FlatulencePassing wind….all of us do it. Some do it silently, some loudly, some admit to passing it, and some blame it on others. However it may be done, often times it emits a bad odor.

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The food that goes down our throat, enters the stomach, where it is broken down and dissolved to make it more absorbable by the body. This is supported by the enzymes secreted into the alimentary canal. After the breakdown of certain type of foods, especially those that require some assistance from the gut bacteria, gas is created. Excessive gas formation is what causes one to experience this bloating sensation, particularly after consuming certain type of foods. The body, though, is fashioned in such a way that it naturally will expel the gas out, through the anal route.

Gas formation generally does not produce any symptoms. The gases formed from bacterial action within the stomach are usually hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, and sulfur. When the content of sulfur gas is more, then an offensive smell is perceived when wind is passed.

Home Remedies for Flatulence

Foods high in fermentable carbohydrates, like fruits, bran, pulses, etc., should be consumed in less proportion. This will reduce the formation of gas in the stomach.

Keeping oneself engaged in physical activities will increase the body’s ability to clear stomach gas completely.

Increasing the population of gut bacteria, can make a difference to the fermentation process occurring within the stomach, and help in decreasing flatus.

Chew on a few fennel seeds to eliminate gas from the stomach. Likewise, chewing a piece of ginger will provide the same effect. To make ginger eating more easy, bite on a piece of ginger and then bite on a piece of jaggery and chew.

A very effective way to get rid of flatus is to have caraway seeds. Fry some seeds on low flame, add half a cup of water and allow it to boil. Remove from flame and steep for 15 minutes. Strain and drink to say goodbye to ‘stomach gas’. It is recommended to consume this after meals if the individual is prone to passing wind frequently.

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Those who seem to be constantly passing wind, and feel embarrassed about their problem because of the malodor caused by it, should take some necessary steps and stop being embarrassed forever. There is this one particular system that has been created especially for such chronic sufferers, that provides guaranteed ways to get rid of flatulence for life.

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If you are a chronic gas sufferer, or know of someone who is, then get a copy of this manual, get an in-depth understanding of the problem, and find out natural ways to solve the problem.