Heart Burn-Acid Reflux : Activated Home Remedies

Heart Burn-Acid RefluxHeartburn refers to the condition wherein there is a burning sensation behind the breast bone which creeps up to the throat. It is caused due to acid reflux when the acid from the stomach goes back into the esophagus causing this burning sensation. Reflux can occur without heartburn but heartburn cannot occur without reflux. Heartburn is experienced by most adults and it if occurs frequently it can limit daily activities and productivity. It can be managed and treated by lifestyle changes and home remedies. There are activated home remedies available which can provide faster treatment for this condition.

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Heart burn-acid reflux:

The muscle between the stomach and esophagus generally open up to allow the passage of food into the stomach. It then closes to prevent the flow of food and stomach acids back into the esophagus. However, due to a relaxation of the esophagus sphincter muscle the acidic juices of the stomach may sometimes return back into the esophagus causing heart burn. Heartburn is characterized by a burning feeling behind the sternum that goes into the neck and may include a sore throat, chronic cough, asthma and pain in the chest. There is also a feeling of food coming back into the mouth with a bitter taste. The symptoms are more severe when bending or lying down. Heartburn generally occurs after the consumption of food.

Home remedies for Heart burn-acid reflux:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle along with home remedies is very effective in treating this condition.

–          Avoid foods which can irritate the esophagus such as fried foods, fatty foods, chocolate, peppermint, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, mustard and vinegar.

–          Anti-inflammatory and pain medications are also to be limited.

–          Do not overeat. Limit the portions.

–          Have a gap of at least 3 hours between dinner and bedtime.

–          Follow an exercise regime and loose weight.

–          Sleep with the head in a slightly elevated position.

–          Do not wear tight fitting clothes which might crush the abdomen as they might increase the reflux.

–          Smoking has a detrimental effect and causes the esophageal sphincter muscles to relax inappropriately.

–          Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and consume it. The pH of this solution balances out the stomach acid and provides relief.

–          Drink aloe vera juice as it reduces the inflammation of the esophagus and prevents irritation.

–          Chewing s sugary gum for 30 minutes after eating is found to be helpful in pushing back the digested food and preventing heartburn.

–          Bananas are a source of acids and are helpful in treating this condition.

–          Apple can also be consumed.

–          Tea made with ginger root is effective in treating reflux and nausea.

–          Almonds neutralize the stomach juices and can be included in the diet.

–         Chamomile tea can reduce the stomach inflammation and provide comfort.

Activated Home remedy for Heart burn-acid reflux:  

Heartburn No More’ is a holistic natural home treatment method developed by Jeff Martin a researcher and nutritionist, for heartburn and acid reflux treatment and cure. This is a proven home remedy which eliminates heart burn and cures the root cause of the acid reflux within a very short time. This treatment method can be downloaded from the website http://heartburn-acid.activatedhomeremedies.com/.This remedy provides relief from the burning pain of heartburn, chest pain, burping, belching and flatulence and enhances digestive and intestinal health.

Heartburn and acid reflux is a condition which is painful and may be become chronic. The constantly occurring digestive problems leave the sufferer drained of energy and prevent him from leading an active life. Therefore, try the above natural remedy and be cured of heartburn and holistically cure the problem of acids reflux quickly. This will enable you to improve your digestive health lead an energetic and active life.