Diet & Home Remedies to Stop & Reverse Female Hair Loss

Female Hair LossBeautiful, shiny hair is considered to be one of the significant signs of beauty. It is the most sensitive issue particularly in women. Loss of hair due to any particular reason can bring a big crisis for both men and women. Shedding of about 50-100 hair a day is considered to be normal. But, if there is a noticeable amount of hair fall, then it can be considered as hair loss. There may be different reasons for hair loss in men and women. Generally, baldness occurs when the hair follicle stops growing new hair. The most common causes for female hair loss are aging, family history, hormonal changes, different skin diseases, certain medical conditions, drugs or medications and psychological causes such as stress. Although it is a serious problem, various treatment options are available to treat hair loss. Also, there are a number of home remedies that can help relieve this problem. Along with simple home remedies, you may try some activated home remedies for more effective results.

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Causes of Female Hair Loss

A number of causes are responsible for female hair loss. Certain medical conditions like thyroid problems, hormonal changes, scalp infections such as ringworm, alopecia areata as well as other skin disorders like lichen planus can cause temporary or permanent hair loss in women. Some drugs used to treat the diseases like cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart problems and depression may also lead to hair loss. Female hair loss may also result from physical or emotional shock, hair-pulling disorder as well as certain hairstyles that can put excess stress to hair.

Symptoms of Female Hair Loss

There may be gradual thinning of hair on the top of the head. There may be widening of hair through the center. This is the most common pattern of hair loss found in men and women. In some people, there may be circular or patchy bald spots. Some people may experience pains or itchiness before the hair fall. A physical or emotional shock can lead to sudden loosening of hair. This kind of hair loss may lead to overall hair thinning. Certain conditions and medical treatments like chemotherapy for cancer may lead to temporary hair loss all over the body.

Treatment for Female Hair Loss

The diagnosis is done on the basis of hair loss pattern, medical history and possible causes of hair loss. If not treated promptly, female pattern hair loss may be permanent. Most women experience mild to moderate hair loss. In such cases, the treatment may not be needed. Minoxidil is the only medication for female pattern baldness, approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It can be directly applied to the scalp. If medications don’t work, then hair transplant is recommended. If you don’t want to take medical treatment, then you may prefer the use of wigs or hairpiece.

Home Remedies for Female Hair Loss

Hair loss can be quite embarrassing for both men and women and it may create inferiority complex. Therefore, as soon as you notice the signs of hair fall, you should immediately opt for prompt treatment. Rather than medications, it is always better to try some simple home remedies that are known to give effective results. Home remedies for hair loss include preventive measures, proper nutrition and adequate lifestyle changes. Let’s understand some simple remedies to stop hair fall.

  • Oil Massage: Regular massage with lukewarm oil can be a good remedy for hair loss. It can help stimulate blood flow to the scalp. Coconut oil is known to control hair fall. Other oils such as almond oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil and mustard oil are also recommended to prevent hair loss.
  • Coconut Milk: It is one of the richest sources of plant derivatives known to nourish tissues. Squeeze grated coconut to prepare coconut milk. Massage it on the scalp and leave for some time.
  • Amla: Amla is one of effective herbs to prevent hair loss in female. Boil dried amla powder in coconut oil, until the oil turns black. Massage it on the scalp.
  • Aloe Vera: Due to its rich nutrient content, it can be effectively used to stop hair loss. Fresh extracted aloe vera gel can be directly applied to the scalp. It can help soothe dry, irritated scalp. It can also help treat various skin infections and scalp problems. Aloe vera can also help to maintain pH balance of the scalp. Massaging with aloe vera can be repeated twice a week to get better results.
  • Neem: It is one of the most popular herbs known to cure a variety of health problems. Neem can help relieve various scalp and hair problems responsible for hair fall. You may boil neem leaves in water till water reduces to its half. You may use this water to rinse the hair.
  • Curd: It is among the excellent home remedies to improve the quality of hair and to prevent hair loss. It is considered to be the best conditioner for hair. Curd can be applied directly on the hair or it can be mixed with lime juice or honey and then applied.

Along with these home remedies, it is very important to maintain inner health of the hair. For that, you need to follow healthy lifestyle, which includes proper hygiene, adequate nutrition and regular exercising. It is important to wash your hair twice in a week to keep them clean and dandruff-free. Since dandruff is one of the main causes of hair fall, you have to be careful to prevent dandruff. Your diet should be nutritious and balanced one. It should include more of proteins as well as vitamins like A, C, B complex and E, which are essential for healthy hair. Since iron deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss, your iron intake should be adequate. Stay away from unhealthy junk foods. Drink enough of water to keep the hair and skin moisturized. Regular exercising can help to improve blood circulation in the scalp, which may stimulate hair growth. Don’t put excess pressure to the hair roots by tight hair styles.

Improvised Remedies

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