How to Whiten Teeth Naturally at Home Fast

Teeth WhiteningTeeth turn yellow and stained due to consumption of food and drinks that stain them. Acids in certain food and drinks corrode the white enamel coating of the teeth. Age, climatic conditions and infections can also lead to discoloration. Over the counter whitening agents and professional whitening procedures are time consuming and expensive. Teeth can be whitened at home using home remedies; however, there are activated home remedies which can provide faster results.

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Teeth Whitening:

Teeth become discolored due to hereditary factors, poor dental hygiene, excessive drinking of tea and coffee, smoking cigarettes and tobacco use. Antibiotics in high doses and improper metabolism can also lead to this condition. Tooth enamel is white by nature but as it wears down it becomes translucent and exposes the next layer beneath called dentin. The dentin is yellower in color than the enamel and the further the enamel wears away the more dentin is exposed causing yellow teeth. Older people therefore have yellower teeth than youngsters. Food that can discolor the teeth include black tea, carbonated and sports drinks, candies with sugar, wine, curries and sauces, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, fruit juices and brightly colored fruits.

Home remedies for Teeth Whitening:

Home remedies are found to be very useful for whitening teeth.

–          Baking soda is very effective for whitening teeth and eliminating plaque. Mix some baking soda with tooth paste and brush the teeth. Add lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to the mixture and use for brushing.

–          Orange peel can be used to clean the teeth as this reduces yellowing. Rub orange peel on the teeth before going to sleep.

–          Strawberries are a rich source of vitamin-C which helps in whitening teeth. Make a paste of strawberries and brush the teeth gently with it for a few days as a remedy.

–          Sue a hydrogen peroxide rinse and gargle as this whitens teeth.

–          Lemon contains bleaching properties which gets rid of the discoloration. Mix lemon juice with salt and use it to brush the teeth.

–          Salt is a very good cleanser and it improves the mineral content making the teeth whiter.

–          Holy basil leaves have whitening properties and protect the teeth from pyorrhea. Mix dried basil powder with tooth paste and use for brushing the teeth.

–          Eat apples daily to remove yellow coloration from the teeth.

–          Charcoal is another home remedy for whitening teeth. It has chemicals which whiten teeth. Mix charcoal powder with tooth paste and use for brushing.

–          Neem leaves can be used to whiten teeth and eliminate bad breath. Use neem twigs to brush the teeth or add neem oil to the tooth paste and brush.

–          Rinse the mouth after eating to remove any food particles which may be present.

–          Milk and yogurt contain minerals and phosphorous which keep the teeth sparkling and cavity free.

–          Flossing is very important as it removes food particles between the teeth and promotes gum health.

Activated Home remedy for Teeth Whitening:   

A natural treatment method for getting brighter, whiter and cleaner teeth is available at the website is an all natural remedy which can be used within the comfort of your home to safely remove discoloration from the teeth using all natural remedies without having to wear strips which are uncomfortable.

Yellow and discolored teeth are an embarrassment as they spoil the entire look of the person while whiter teeth are a sign of youth, health and cleanliness. Dental Procedures for whitening the teeth are expensive and have to be repeated often. Hence, try this all natural home remedy which produces whiter teeth within a very short period of time and get sparkling white teeth.