How to Treat Thrush at Home with Natural Remedies

 Thrush Natural Treatment

In Babies

In Babies

Fungal diseases are of various types and are differentiated depending on how deep they affect our body system. Infections caused by fungus can occur within the oral cavity in any individual, and the vaginal area in any woman.

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This particular disease called thrush, brought on by a specific fungus called Candida albicans, can affect especially the oral cavity of infants and children. It is referred to as oral thrush in such instances and is characterized by white patchy areas inside the mouth. It is called as vaginal thrush when the genital area of a woman’s become infected by this fungus.

This kind of a fungal infection may also present itself as a diaper rash among young toddlers, and in truth, the adults too can get infected by this parasitic fungi, but is something that seldom happens. The ability of fungus to trigger any kind of an infectious process within our body increases when there is no enough bacterial growth occurring. The kind of bacteria naturally found in our system actually helps in keeping such infections under good control.

The bacterial growth can diminish due to various reasons, like – being on long-term antibiotics. Also, certain body conditions that lower a person’s immunity levels can cause fungus to thrive within. Leading a stressful lifestyle, an increase in alcohol consumption and smoking are the other causes for fungal infections like thrush to strike easily.

Home Cures for Thrush

In the case of oral thrush, agents that have the ability to destroy or inhibit the fungal growth should be taken in until the infection subsides. For this, the intake of probiotics will work well; so consumption of yogurt and buttermilk should be increased. The use of probiotics will take care of vaginal thrush equally well too.

Maintain good oral hygiene with proper brushing, and tongue scraping done. Salt-water gargles will keep a check on fungal growth within the oral cavity.

Avoid foods that are high in sugar, yeast; vegetables like mushrooms; and dairy foods like cheese. Such foods will only encourage more fungal growth within the body system.

When attempting to get rid of vaginal thrush naturally, refrain from wearing tight fitting undergarments. Also, do not use antiseptic products while giving douches to the genital areas.

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