How to Treat ITP Naturally with Home Remedies

  ITP or Low Platelets Home Cure

How to Treat ITP Naturally with Home RemediesBlood clots are a result of fluid blood converting into a coagulated mass due to a series of physical and chemical reactions. Clotting of blood happens in situations where there are open wounds, in order to stop bleeding through them and prevent loss of blood. When clotting fails to take place, bleeding disorders occur.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Low Platelets

A very rare bleeding disorder that belongs to the autoimmune group of diseases is idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In this condition, the individual’s blood fails to clot completely because of autoantibodies destroying platelets, a component of blood required for assistance in the blood clotting process. Because of the low platelet count occurring in such a situation, bleeding will take a lot of time to stop even after minor cuts and bruises. In severe conditions, bleeding may never cease, which could prove fatal.

What is the exact cause of idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura remains unknown, but it could be taken that certain viral infections may result in a malfunctioning immune system, influencing the production of autoantibodies. An autoantibody is an antibody that fights against a healthy tissue produced by self. Under normal circumstances, the cells produced by the immune system are able to recognize ‘self’ and do not attack tissues or cells present in the same body.

ITP can be of two types – acute type, which resolves on its own given some time; and the chronic type, that is marked by a long duration. Acute ITP is a condition more prevalent in children while the chronic ITP variant is suffered by adults more commonly.

Natural Solutions for ITP

Low platelet count can be increased naturally with the help of fruits and vegetables.

Gooseberries are effective in increasing platelets. Take about a kilogram of gooseberries, sugar about 1 kg, and 3 g of citric acid. Boil the berries in water. Prick them using a fork before immersing them in water. After boiling them for 5 minutes, remove it from flame and allow it to soak in water for one entire day. The next day, sprinkle sugar over the berries, and again let it stay for 24 hours. Follow this by adding citric acid, bring it to a boil again for 15 minutes, remove from flame and give it two day’s time to let it set. Store it in an airtight jar and eat a couple of these berries on an empty stomach everyday to see an improvement in the platelet count.

Consumption of papaya fruit and its leaves daily will help in increasing the count of platelets within a couple of days’ time. Place a handful of papaya leaves in a blender and extract the juice. Strain, blend in some lemon juice and take small sips through the day.

Another option is to use spinach and tomato together. Boil a handful of spinach leaves in water for about five minutes. Remove from flame and allow it to cool. Strain, add fresh tomato juice to this and drink three times in a day until a rise in platelet count is perceived.

Above all, continue to eat healthy foods, which will not only aid in increasing platelets but will also help in maintaining overall good health. Avoid processed frozen foods, alcohol, and all kinds of ‘junk’ foods to enjoy healthy living.

Better Natural Alternatives to Increase Platelet Count

Forget about being on drugs for life just to ensure that the platelet count remains within normal limits. Neglecting it can lead the condition to a point where surgical interventions may be required, though. The next best option is to look for natural alternatives that will work effectively towards increasing platelet production. Such natural solutions can be obtained from a specific program that is titled Conquer Low Platelets.

This is a very informative guide for those suffering from a platelet deficiency. Upon accessing it, one will learn the names of those herbs, vitamins and foods that will help the body in producing more platelets. One can also become aware of the various reasons as to why platelets become low in some. This is something worth investing in.