How to Treat Impetigo at Home Naturally

 Impetigo Home Cure

ImpetigoSchool going children tend to acquire infections very easily when exposed to them. This is more apparent during hot summer months, like in the case of impetigo.

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A very apparent sign of impetigo is a collection of blisters seen developing around the mouth and nose regions. Impetigo is a skin disorder caused by bacteria, it could be either staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria. Bacteria are organisms that normally reside on human skin, but can enter into our system when there is a cut or any kind of an open wound. This can cause an infection to spread deeper into the skin tissues and bring forth unsightly fluid-filled pouches called blisters. These then can go on to open up and ooze fluid, which gradually hardens to form a crust. Impetigo is a contagious skin condition, and can spread to other body areas when scratched at.

With bacteria tending to live inside our nose and throat as well, a common cold or any form of allergy that cause the mucous membranes to break open can encourage impetigo development. Skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or coming in contact with things used by an infected individual can lead to impetigo infection.

Impetigo Natural Remedies

First, try and avoid the spread of infection. Prevent the individual from scratching at it, and if this cannot be stopped, cover the open sores with a dressing.

Good personal hygiene should be followed by the sufferer. A daily shower using medicated bath soap will prevent its spread to other body areas.

The sufferer’s clothes should be laundered separately, preferably in hot water and dried out in the hot sun.

Improve the body’s immunity levels, enabling it to fight off the infection in a rapid manner. For this, it is recommended that fresh fruits and vegetables, grown organically, be consumed on a regular basis. Likewise, fresh honey, especially manuka honey, has an antiseptic effect which will work best towards fighting off bacterial infections from within.

Neem leaves is popularly known for its antibacterial properties. Boil some water to which a handful of neem leaves are added. Add this to the bathwater to help in the curing process of impetigo. Similarly, dilute a few drops of neem oil in jojoba oil and apply evenly all over the face and neck regions before retiring to bed. Wash it off in cold water the following morning. This will provide impetigo relief.

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